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Best transportation from & to Borg Al Arab Airport 

Borg El Arab International Airport is the principal airport serving Alexandria, Egypt. It is located about 40 km southwest of Alexandria, in Borg El Arab. The airport also serves the nearby areas of the Nile Delta.

Planning a trip to Egypt, or Alexandria in specific soon?

It has been known that there are 3 main things to consider/ plan for before travelling which are landing yourself a great deal for the flight tickets, booking your hotel and last but not least managing your transportation from & to airport.

Choosing the flight company depends on the trips’ timings available, you would want to go for a company that provides flights at a convenient time of the day as well as one that allows adequate luggage weight. The sooner you book your flight you can guarantee a better deal for the price.

Next comes your hotel booking, well that’s a tricky one! You need to focus on booking a premium hotel that is cosy, affordable and most importantly in the heart of the city to stay connected and get to your destination easier & faster.

Now you are left out with planning for your transportation which can make it or break it!

How painful it is to reach the airport and have no clue what to ride you and your family  while having all this luggage to move around with. Some people tend to take the easy way out and rent a car with a driver from the hotel which costs an arm and a leg, while others like to explore their options for public transportation.

Knowing that not all public transportation is available in the airport and may be located far from your terminal will leave you lost and angry.

How Friendycar can come to your rescue?

Friendycar is the leader in the middle east to run an online car rental / car sharing solution where you can rent out one of 1000 cars available in a couple of clicks before your arrival and have the car waiting for you. 


Get behind the wheel in 100% insured cars all in the latest models and best prices. Book & receive your car in the airport , cruze the city and drop off the car back in the airport.

The ease of registration, browsing and selecting the desired car is what makes friendycar is a must try experience.

Which cars do we recommend during your visit?

It goes without saying that SUV cars such as Kia sportage and Hyundai Tucson are on top of the list because of their spacious seating and their trunk that can easily carry all your luggage.

What do you need to be part of friendycar?

Visit our website or download our friendly mobile apps & upload a copy of your ID/Passport plus a valid egytian driving license or an international driving license for people holding a residency from another country.


Now you are all set…Welcome to Egypt, Welcome to Friendycar


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