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best car rental company in egypt and uae

Choose your car from the best car rental website 

car rental agencies are always looked at as “ the scammers” as people feel that rental car
are irrational with a possibility of being charged with hidden cost at the end of your

While public transport and even taxis are spread all around Egypt, they are quite costly and
eventually do not match the privacy you will get in your personal car.

If you are into cars and in need for one for your daily routine or just in need of a replacement
car till you get your car fixed or maybe questioning to buy a certain brand and need to test
drive it for a couple of days, then read along and know more about the
best car rental website
in Egypt!

Your A to Z guide to renting in Egypt

If you are going to rent a car in Egypt & need to find the best deals, then there are many things
that you have to take into account. Considering it is a pretty special country with its own
culture and very strict rules, renting a car can be quite a fear for many but still the wisest
choice for the country residents & even tourists.

Once you settle on renting a car then you need to make sure you are getting the best deal
out there, wondering how you will get this done?

Either you will ask friends who are well acquainted with car rental agencies or just take
your chances and visit a couple of rental agencies by yourself and get yourself a couple
of quotations.

Maybe that seems doable if you already do live in the country and have the time and energy
of going through this long process.

But if you are a tourist? You will find yourself given fewer options through your travel agency
or you will have to wait till you arrive in the country to decide on your rental & will end up
paying a “non-sense” amount of money because you will be renting from the
rental agencies
available in the airport or based on the hotel recommendations.

Friendycar, the best car rental company is up to the rescue

Friendycar, is basically a hub for car rental where personal car owners list their cars for
rental, which means that the same car model can be offered by many users with different
pricing plans for the same rental duration, which by default makes Friendycar website it
best car rental website in Egypt as such “ pricing” competition is in the favor of the borrower.

This best car rental company does not just offer one category of cars, on the contrary,
it provides every brand and model you can imagine such as mid-range, high-end luxury
cars and top-notch exotic cars that always seemed like a far dream to drive one of them.

Moreover, through this best car rental website, you can explore deals for long-term rentals
if you are considering rental for 3 months or more. In case you did not succeed in finding
the car you need on website you can get in touch and our dedicated and knowledgeable
team will work on sending you quotations for more cars to meet your needs and budget.

Companies can take advantage our car subscription programs to fulfill the needs of their
employees while given transparent all-day access to the account data in terms of ongoing
and settled requests. No matter if you are an individual or a company, we are guaranteeing
you the best deal and cheapest rate for your rental.

Register, Select & Drive….all in one minute

Need to be part of the best car rental website in Egypt? You can register for free to unlock
many deals and start by narrowing down the cars by using the filter option on the website
where you choose to see cars in a specific price range, specific color, or even a specific
number of seats.

First things first, sign up on the website using your Facebook or Google account then
upload a copy of your ID/passport in addition to a copy of your Egyptian driving license
or international driving license.

In 48 hours, our team will be verifying your documents and approving your account as
a borrower in order to start sending out requests to car owners.

How does Friendycar website work?

So here is where fun meets technology and convenience making us the best car rental website.
With service available 24/7 you have the upper hand in choosing when and where to do
your “Shopping” for your car rental. The service is available through
and the mobile apps both on iOS and Android to make your experience even more enjoyable.

To keep it a safe & secure environment for the borrowers and owners, our team verifies the
data uploaded by the user to ensure the eligibility of the customers which makes us the
best car rental company serving our 2 types of customers equally.

Start with choosing the duration you wish to rent in a car to see the available options for
{cars displayed with actual car visuals along with the owner’s information and rating score
on our system.

Want to stick to a certain budget or you have your mindset on a specific car model? Then
our filtering feature on our website is a must-try. 

Looking for specific car features/ accessories or even a number of seats?

Once again thefilter panel will be very helpful to narrow down your options and save yourself
time & hassle.

By selecting to browse car rental in Cairo airport, you will see all kinds of available cars in
the date duration you have set. You can also take advantage of our car delivery service so
that you can actually start your
car rental in Cairo airport or request the owner to deliver the
car any place you wish to receive the car in.

Through the best car rental company, you will enjoy being behind the wheel and worry less
about anything as all cars are 100% insured and well maintained so the risk of car breaking
down is near to ZERO. Once your rental ends, the owner will contact you to hand over the car
and review the status together and write his notes if there are any, and get your approval on them.

Ratings & reviews help us enhance our service by understanding the good & bad about every
owner or car to pass on the good experience to more borrowers and help them with their
decision-making process.

Friendycar, where the journey starts & never ends

Be part of the best car rental company in Egypt, with endless rental deals in one place, with zero
paper, no hidden cost, and no extra charges to worry about. All cars are insured and ready for
you to drive the next day. Register, select & pay to get yourself behind the wheel and around Dubai
in no time.

Just enjoy the convenience on this best car rental website 24/7 with zero paperwork or useless
visits to car rental offices or left surprised with the hidden
fees and taxes cost.

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