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FriendyCar is Bringing your Perfect Getaway Closer to You

Bored of the typical weekends and don’t know what to do? We feel you! Escaping the noisy capital and getting a new getaway every weekends is now the easiest thing ever. Whether you want to chill with your friends, have a family quality time or any other thing that might pop in your mind here are best getaways you can run to and the easiest way to reach them.


Alexandria is on the top of the list of the best and the closest place you can run to whenever you feel bored. You can do plenty of things there: chill by the sea and enjoy the awesome breeze, pay a visit to the historic spots there for a change, or even drive all the way to have a fresh fish meal.

Ras Sudr

Ras Sudr has become famous for being a kitesurfing spot. It’s around a three-hour drive away from Cairo which make it an easy getaway. That’s a perfect weekend destination especially that it’s the closest one can get to Sinai if they don’t have much time. If you want to enjoy the sea, the blowing winds and the view of the migrating birds or you’re into kitesurfing, don’t think too much and pack your stuff!


Not all of us know that Fayoum is less than two-hours drive from Cairo, but that’s true! The spot combines between being a historic spot and a place to chill or to enjoy different activities like the desert safari, mountains, hiking, stargazing, camping and sandboarding. If you’re the curious kind, you shouldn’t miss spending some time by Wadi Al Rayyan’s famous waterfalls!

Ain Sokhna

Ain Sokhna is the most common getaway among those who like to escape the crowded capital from time to time especially that it’s the closest to Cairo. Ain Sokhna is the easiest solution to escape the boredom. Want some nice food? Or maybe enjoy the sunset or the sunrise? Or maybe something different like fishing?

All These Places Are Few Clicks Away With FriendyCar

We know you might be thinking escaping the city won’t be that easy with all the transportation or car hassle. That’s exactly why we need to assure you they’re few click away! With FriendyCar’s new services here in Egypt you will no longer worry about getting anywhere. You can choose between more than 200 various car for every destination you’ll think about. You need a big car for a family time? A cool car for you and your friends? Or a fancy car maybe for a perfect date? You can drive a new car everyday and book your car only one day in advance with no paper hassle needed. Just go to, choose the car you think will be perfect and drive all the way to your chosen destination tomorrow.

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