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The Biggest Entrepreneurship Summit Is Knocking your Door

The sixth edition of the biggest entrepreneurship Summit in the Middle East is coming into the Capital. The Summit gives the attendees the chance to meet all the new business owner and all the updates about the market. It takes place between the 7th of December to the 9th of December. So get ready for the big marathon!

This Summit is about being in tune with the needs, obstacles, and opportunities within reach. It is about shooting for the stars while remaining realistically ground-headed and rooted within entrepreneurs own locales, networks, and communities.

At RiseUp Summit they believe that improving Human Experience lies in being resourceful, setting realistic goals, and accepting failures rather than becoming the next superhero! At RiseUp Summit ‘18, you’re invited to share your means of thinking grounded in an ever-expanding ecosystem and world.

The big event takes place in the Greek Campus and the American University in Tahrir Square, Cairo. Downtown Cairo.

Attendees will have the chance to attend Workshops, Pitch Competition, Startup Station, Mentorship opportunities, Networking events in addition to Talks and sessions by some of the world’s leading decision makers, technology experts, innovators, business professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs.

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