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Things to Do in Egypt during Spring Break

It’s this time of the year where we get excited as the spring is approaching! You must be preparing your plans about what to do during spring, or maybe you’re one of those who are still wondering how you are going to spend this time of the year, or you must be one of those who live abroad and thinking about visiting Egypt during spring. Well, you shouldn’t worry, it doesn’t matter which group of people you belong to because we’ve you covered! Here we bring you some of the things to do in Egypt during spring break! And, here is a surprise, we’ll also tell you how to make money during your vacation and how to get around Egypt easily.

Travel around the Country

Even if we try to count, we won’t be able to count how many treasures Egypt has. When it comes to how many things to do in Egypt, you will have plenty of options. And on the top of these options is traveling around the country! From the pharaonic treasure hunt to the nice weather and enjoying the nature, all the options are available.

But there are places you need to add to the top of your list.


The beautiful city with a great present and even the greatest history. If your time is limited and you want to go for a quick trip to have some fresh air Alexandria is the destination for you!  If you are residing in the capital it will only take you from 2 to 3 hours to arrive in Alexandria! You can go there to enjoy the fresh sea breeze and have a nice fish meal. If you are one of those who are into history, you shouldn’t miss those place: Qiatbay Citadel, The Alexandria Aquarium, The Library, and the Montaza Palace!

Alexandria Egypt
Alexandria Egypt


Sokhna is almost the closest getaway to Cairo for both families and friends. Besides having very nice weather especially during springtime, Sokhna only an hour and a half driving distance from Cairo. That seems to be perfect, ha?!! This destination should be on the top of the things to do in Egypt if you are bored. That’s another destination you should consider if you’re setting your spring break plans.

Discover Al Fayoum

Though it is not very far away from Cairo, Al Fayoum belongs to the hidden spots in Egypt. But if you’re looking for things to in Egypt during spring break you better pay Al Fayoum a visit. The destination is home to Wadi El Hytan, a site that contains whale fossils, skeletons, and rocks which go back to million years ago. If you’re into camping, well, this place is the perfect one! Al Fayoum also has a very popular spot in Egypt, Wadi Al Rayan, with its beautiful waterfalls. Intrigued enough?! You have to go discover it yourself.


Head to the Beautiful Red Sea

If you have some time to have a long vacation and wondering about the things to do in Egypt, you shouldn’t miss on enjoying the beauty of the red sea. You have many options when it comes to enjoying the beauty of the red sea: Dahab, Marsa Alam, Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Sahl Hashish, and Gouna. There, you can enjoy the awesome view of the mountains and the water, dive into the heart of the red sea, and so many other activities you should definitely try. So, don’t keep wondering!

Ras Um Sid beach
ca. 2009, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt — Ras Um Sid beach — Image by © Pietro Canali/Grand Tour/Corbis

Go Sandboarding

Adventure lovers! You might be looking for something new and unusual to do in Egypt. We are telling you, go for a sand boarding adventure! There are many sand dunes across the huge deserts in Egypt. If you’re thinking about it, you should definitely head to the best sandboarding spot in Egypt, the great sand sea near Siwa Oasis.


Famous Things to Buy in Egypt

Egypt with its famous history and diverse culture is home to dozens and dozens of things for a person to buy. If you don’t want the most famous things to buy in Egypt here we list some: Mini pyramids, scarab beetles, geometric pattern boxes, glass lanterns, handmade carpets, handmade silver, copper and gold jewelry and artifacts, canopic jars, spices, shisha and hookah pipes.

Things to Do in Egypt at Night

If you are a night person, there are also many things to do in Egypt at night. For instance, the simplest thing you can do at night in Egypt is to enjoy its streets. Wherever you travel around the county you must take a stroll around the streets of any city you visit at night, it’s totally worth it. You definitely have to enjoy a sound and light evening at the pyramids. You can also enjoy a beautiful evening and dinner abroad a Nile River cruise boat. You can also take a romantic trip with a horse carriage ride by night. Or maybe you can go car cruising around the streets at night.

Get around the Country without Moving your Car

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