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What Does Your Car Type Say About Your Personality?

Life is too short to live it with one car. They say you’re you what you drive. According to psychologists, your car says a lot about your personality. So, when you choose a car to drive or go shopping for one, what do you choose? What are your motives and why do you choose this specific car? According to behavioural psychologist Joseph Sirgy, when you go shopping for a car you’re basically looking for three dimensions which reflect your “self-concept”. These three dimensions are mainly based on who do you think you are, who you want to be, and how you’d want people to see you. Let’s see what does your choice of car say about your personality.

Small Cars

According to some study made by researchers at UC Davis, those people who like to drive small cars are usually environmentally conscious and prefer higher density neighbourhoods compared to drivers of other types of cars. As we already know, the bigger the city, the higher the concern for fuel-efficiency, and the easier it is to park with a smaller car. In most of the cases, those who like to drive small cars are not considered as workaholics or position seekers.

Those who like to own smaller cars are simplicity seekers and they just want to find a decent parking space.

Medium Size Sedans

The study at UC Davis found that drivers of sedans are found to have “no distinct travel attitude”. This is not to say that they are a boring people, but rather to focus on the part that they mainly have a more sensible and businesslike disposition. It was found that the drivers of sedans are more likely to be either females or those have a relatively high income or both.

Fancy or Luxurious Cars

That’s something I guess we already know! Those who like to drive fancy and luxurious cars are basically status seekers and usually drive for longer distances. Well, if you’re into luxury there is no shame in that! We all need to have a sense of luxury from time to time. Usually those who drive fancy cars are older when it comes to age range, highly educated people, and of course have a higher income in general. According to psychology, People who like to drive luxurious cars are considered as profit-oriented workaholics, or in other words you can call them “achievers”.

Sports Cars

That’s probably widely known too, those who like to drive or own sports cars are adventure lovers. So basically they’re energetic people who hate to have a boring routine life. You can also consider them as the category of people who like to live life fast. But they can belong to those who have lower incomes as they usually fall under a younger age range such as college students or college degrees. According to psychology, those who like to own sports cars are considered as concurrents and risk-takers, they might have an unstable financial life yet they always go for the adventure.


Those basically are “doers” and belong to the category of people who like to get things done. These car owners do not often like high-density living situations and tend to live in more rural areas. Many truck owners are labeled as “workaholics” and are full-time employees, working in either service related jobs or those that require a decent amount of physical labor. They usually believe that the more space their cars has the lesser problems they will face.


More than other drivers, those who own mini-vans are known to be considerably calmer than others. Like luxury car owners, they enjoy travelling long distances and are definitely not the “loner” type of people. Mini-van lovers are more likely to be middle-aged, and enjoy the family life. It’s also no surprise that those who own one of these vehicles are often nominated for carpool duties. It’s very rare for a person to buy such a big car only for themselves!

Sport-utility Vehicles (SUVs)

Those that drive SUVs are not often labelled as the most environmentally-minded people. However, SUV drivers do typically drive the shortest distances compared to other car owners. The average age of this category of people falls under 40. Like truck drivers, SUV owners use their vehicles for multiple purposes, often relating to either work or family.


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